Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Back

I cant seem to get into the habit of blogging.. There has been plenty going on in my life just cant seem to find the time to sit and write it all down. I read so many blogs and I get so into them and feel like I know each and everyone that I read. Jax is now 11 months old and walking Everywhere.Which means he is also into everything. Livia is now 7 and turning into a bright young lady. These kids truley do make life worth living. The are my sunshine and make everyday perfect. This summer we have been very busy. First week in July we went on vacation to Gatliburg, Tn and it was great and we will be goin back again next year. We went to Dollywood, Splash Country, Aquarium, Dixie Stampede and spent a day walkin downtown Gatlinburg.When we got back we had Livia's bday party. It was planned to be at the pool but had to have a change of plans when a hurricane came ( well not really a hurricane but it seemed like it) So we changed the party to the house. And oh boy was that a mess with all those ppl cramed in my house. Oh well Livia had fun so that is all that really matters.. The rest of our weekends have been spent at the river camping and enjoying the sun and good friends. More to come later.. I have to get back to work :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long Time

Boy its been a long time since I have posted. Everything has been so hectic lately. Jax is almost 6 months old now and I am still taking him to work with me full time... Its so nice to be able to spend every minute of everyday with him.. But lets be honest its really hard to get any work or anything done for that matter. But I will just have to learn how to deal with it until be are financially stable enough for me to be able to quit my job and stay home with him. Olivia is doin great too.. She is a very happy 1st grader and is doing great in school. But I think the older she gets the worse the attitude gets. I know that she is only 6 and its only going to get worse and I just dont know how I am goin to handle that. Sometimes the things she comes home and tells me makes me want to call the school and pull her out and homeschool her.. I know that is not possible but the things that she is learning from other students at the age of 6 is just CRAZY. I know that I didnt hear the things that she has come home tellin me at that age. I gotta get to work for now. I hope to update a lil more often than every 6 months but we will see .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello All

Shewww the last 6 wks have flew by. I guess workin full time 2 wks after you have a baby and takin care of the house, a 6 yr old and a husband after work makes time fly. I have a wonderful boss who lets me bring Jax to work with me so that makes me very happy. So Jaxon Wayne was born August 27th, at 6:04 pm. He weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces and 20in long. It was a long day at the hospital that day. I went in to be induced and they started me out very slow. ( cause the dr did not want to deliever me while he was at work...grrr) So about 4pm they broke my water and about 5 she raised my meds. I was at 5cm then and at 6pm i was complete and I had him at 604. With 3 pushes he was here. He is doin good and weighs a lil over 9lbs now. We had some problems with formula once I quit breastfeeding but I have all that lined out now and he is good. He loves his lil sister. He will just look at her and smile sometimes( sure its gas but its cute). I am gettin internet at home so maybe I can update a lil more often but sometimes it feels like I am writtin all this for nothing. So we will see what happens.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

33 Wks

This week I am 33 wks. Sometimes it seems like this is flying by and others it is crawling. This pregnacy has been soo much different than it was with Olivia. I never got sick with her or anything. I worked 16 hr shifts sometimes with her and with this one I cant make it thru an 8 hr day without a nap. I still get sick when I eat. Its never been just a morning sickness thing....Its all the time. I have sooo much more to get done before this lil guy gets here. I havent done Anything with his room, Just kinda throw things in there when I get them. So my plan this weekend is to get that all organized and put together so when I have my shower at the end of the month I dont have more to add to the mess. He is doin good in there. I think he is runnin outta room to move tho cause everytime he moves it hurts me. Doctor said he is gonna be a BIG boy. I dont think he will weigh alot I think he will just be long legged like his Daddy. I cant wait for him to get here. Cant wait to smell him and kiss those lil cheeks. In other news I found out the last couple weeks that my BFF is expecting too. This is sooo exciting. Our kids are already BFF's and I cant wait for these lil ones to grow up together too. Lord helps us if she has a girl and we have to go thru this again. I think Olivia and Dalton are gonna be the death of us yet. They already have a lil Love/Hate relationship. I dont know what we are gonna do when they get bigger. I can see it now me call Teisha tellin her what Dalton did to Olivia or Vice Versa. Thats the update for today. I hope to get better at this blogging thing so I can update more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello All

Not alot goin on here. Just the normal. According to due date i am 28 wks this week. But according to measurment I am about 30-31. So moving right along :) I go 2morrow for my 3-D ultrasound and I am so excited. I didnt get one with livia so I cant wait to see what they look like. I will post them on Thursday when I get back to the office.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


That is my baby boy!!! We are thinkin "maybe" Jaxon Wayne Koch. Really not forsure yet cause I changed my wedding colors about 10 times so I will prolly think of something different. Who knows. I should be able to get the 3-D ultrasound at about 26-28 wks and I am 21 weeks now. So not much longer and I will have even better picture of my lil man :) I am just now startin to feel him move and kick. He is a lil bit lazy most of the time. And he forsure Dont like Hot sauce. I ate some the other night and I thought he was gonna fight his way outta me to get away from

Monday, March 16, 2009

Its Monday Again...

Hope everyones weekend was great. Mine was. Friday I took off a lil early to go to the dr. Everything is fine. I will know what this baby is April 17th but you all will have to wait till April 20th cause I wont be back after my appointment that day. Saturday we had a good day. Teisha and I fished all day long. We didnt catch nothing but we were determined so we didnt give up. The kids played in the dirt all day so they had a good day too. By the end of the day they were very dirty and tired. They both sacked out as soon as they sat still. Kenny cooked us some hotwings then it was time to go home. Hope everyone has a good week. Weather is suppose to be nice so that helps.