Thursday, April 23, 2009


That is my baby boy!!! We are thinkin "maybe" Jaxon Wayne Koch. Really not forsure yet cause I changed my wedding colors about 10 times so I will prolly think of something different. Who knows. I should be able to get the 3-D ultrasound at about 26-28 wks and I am 21 weeks now. So not much longer and I will have even better picture of my lil man :) I am just now startin to feel him move and kick. He is a lil bit lazy most of the time. And he forsure Dont like Hot sauce. I ate some the other night and I thought he was gonna fight his way outta me to get away from

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April said...

That is funny! Well then when he decides to be lazy and you want to feel him, you know just what to do to get him going ;)