Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I Am Thankful For

First off would have to be my mother. She has been there for me for anything that I need. No matter what it is. She is more like a best friend than a mother most of the time. And she is an amazing Grandma. She helps me with Olivia and watches her for me so I dont have to put her in daycare. Then there is Olivia, She is the best thing in the world. I am thankful for her everyday I wake up. She brings a smile to my face no matter what is going on. She is growing up so fast and is such a smart lil girl. And Terry, I am thankful for him because of the way that he loves me and Olivia. He treats her so good and for those of you with children and you are divorced you know that is a big worry when u decide to move on. He treats her like she is his own and most of the time the 2 are ganging up on The best thing is that she feels the same way about him....... And My Close Friend, You know who you are. I am thankful for you because when I need someone to talk to, to cry to, to vent to, or just to make me laugh I know that you are the one to call. If I need anything I know that I can count on you to help me out any way you can. If I need a Pagoda Partner , A bingo partner, A shopping partner or a wii partner You are the one that I call. Thanks for always being the one I call....... I am also thankful for alot more things like: my house, all the little things that I have, My great job that is not always so great but I know if I need somethin boss will help me out, All my friends, My step-dad who is always there when I need somethin fixed or to complain about somethin my mom, my new family:there is alot of them but they made room for me. I could go on and on but I will leave it before you get completley bored..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sad Day

Today is a sad day. Alot of ppl in this town lost a good friend and others lost their husband and father. My heart goes out to the Holder Family. They are in my thought and prayers as we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and they will be mourning the lose of their family member. I know Derbys will never be the same for the clan that worked at the Madison Street shop everynight together. My office here will never be the same without Rob and Rick going at it about somethin Cause god knows they both always thought they were right and usually resulted in Rick tellin Rob "ur a dumbass " and Rick walkin out. Hour later they would be back to same ole Rick and Rob. Rick was my buddy. He would come to the office and ask what was goin on and what had my panites in a wad?? as he would say. Then we would go outside and smoke and bitch about what all stupid stuff we thought Rob had done that Just yesterday we did that. He came to the office about 2 o'clock. He was in the best mood that I have seen him in for sometime. Glad he came by to talk to me...I'm gonna miss ya Rick...Hope they have Derby's in Heaven or atleast a car for you to tinker with.......

Hello Again

I am not very good at this bloggin thing but after I deleted mine I kinda missed it. So I thought I would give it another shot and see how it goes. I love readin everyone elses blog they always seem to have somethin interesting to say and some good deals at times too. So check back later for more I am gonna try to figure out how to get pics on here.