Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boring Tuesday

I am bored at work so I thought I would write a little. Thanksgiving was great. I got up early that morning to do some shopping at Kmart. They had board games buy 1 get 1 free, so I had to take advantage of that deal. Then it was home to get ready for the big day. We went to my grandmas for lunch and everyone looked at wedding/Honeymoon pics most of the time, then it was off to Terry's mom and dads for supper. Olivia had a blast there. She had other kids to play with which gave the adults time to talk with the kids playin.....Then Friday morning me and Teisha decided that we was goin to Wal-mart...Unlike her I had a plan and a list. This was my first year shopping like this and I dont think that I will be goin again. All the things on my list were toys and wii games and Since some ppl have NO life and had been there all night most of the games and movies were already gone. Plus my aunt went back later that evening and most of the stuff was STILL on sale. Dont get me wrong I got some good bargains but I dont really think it was all ppl make it out to be. Anyway, I have a few wedding pics comin but with dial up here at work it may be my 10th anniversary b4 I get them all up..But I workin on it.

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April said...

Glad to hear your holidays were good! What about the honeymoon pics?! haha